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I am an open source enthusiast and IT specialist from Bangladesh. I am employed by an awesome (Information storage and retrieval system[ IR]) company named NewsCred Ltd as Senior Software Engineer. My expertise lies with LAMP setups: Linux - Apache - MySQL - Perl/PHP(/Python). I am a certified Agile and TDD enthusiast from ThoughtWorks. I am a NoSQL advocate, I love to hack Augmented Reality (AR) technology, Open Search, Algorithms and also love Functional Programming language like Haskell and Erlang.

My primary skills are as a PHP, Java and Python developer. I am a Zend Certified PHP5 Engineer, I contribute to a number of projects, blog on development related topics, and present talks and tutorials related to web development and the projects to which I contribute. I have a sound understanding on Information Storage and Retrieval system [IR] and machine learning stuffs using hadoop, lucene, solr, mahout, nutch and so on.

I am capable of administering a variety of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Slackware, as well as several other Debian- and RPM-based distros. In addition, I am skilled at installing and maintaining nGinx, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL, PostgreSQL, Solr, Mahout  (often distributed) on each of the distros previously mentioned, typically from source.

I have coded softwares with great respect to standards, because it makes life easier for everybody. Nothing brings me more pleasure than making something out of nothing. Even when the results are far from my ideal expectations, I find the whole ceremony of creativity completely enthralling.

Over five years experience in software development using PHP, Python, Java, .NET and various technology covering the technical area including distributed applications, client-server services and web applications I am a web evangelist who can deliver high performance and scalable applications smoothly. In a nutshell I have:

My social profiles include: My blog, github, twitter, DZonestackoverflow, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook and SpeakerRate